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Stories by Pixlr

Make beautiful Stories faster. One-Tap to design everything you need for social media, and more!

Trendy story templates

Explore a growing library of trendy, well-made Story templates in every style to customize to your moods and campaigns. New month, new templates!

Key Features

One Tap Stories

Make beautiful stories faster! Upload your photos and get smart template suggestions. Then pick one, customize, and post. Simple.

Trendy Templates

Use templates to save yourself some time! Pick a suitable one, add your content, customize, post. New templates added every month.

Designer Fonts & Elements

Draw attention with sleek fonts and graphic elements! Add, change or adjust everything in easy taps. New elements added every month.

AI Color Matcher

Harmonize with your campaign theme or brand color! Upload photos for our AI to generate matching color palettes you can use.

One-Tap AI Crop

Design product posts for e-commerce easily! Tap to remove backgrounds or cut out objects or a person instantly to use, or save for later.

One Tap Stories

Experience easy story making with Stories by Pixlr today! Tap to download and create everything you need for social media — whether for business, or just for fun.

Start making beautiful Stories now!

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